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How To Use the Sunny 16 Rule when shooting with your 16mm Camera   Leave a comment

I rarely go out shooting with a light meter, I usually just use the sunny 16 rule and “go with it”.   I had an earlier question about using the Sunny 16 rule, so I did a quick video that give you a run down.

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I’ve Got 16mm But What Do I Do With It?   Leave a comment

Sometimes you have the tool but you don’t know what job it’s for.  In this video I come up with 7 ways you could use 16mm.   Do you have any other ideas?  I would love to hear them.

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Should I try DIY film processing or send it out to be professionally done?   Leave a comment

I had a great question on the Youtube channel, “Why would you ever want to hand develop your 16mm film instead of just sending it out to be professionally processed?”.   For me it comes down to a few very basic ideas.

  1. I like doing stuff my self even if the product is not as good.
  2. I am a cheap skate.
  3. I don’t want to waste money on old outdated film.
  4. I like the results which would be difficult to get with a professional lab.

There are probably more that I just can’t come up with right now.  I explain it more in depth in the short video below.


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Waking Up!   Leave a comment

After a lengthy hiatus I am waking this blog and the associated Youtube Channel back up.  Here is the new channel trailer for the youtube channel.

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