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I got interested in 16mm film after doing lots of digital videography and then wanting to experiment with a film look.  Well what better way of getting a film look than doing it with real film.  I have some experience with black and white photography and dark room work.  At first came 8mm, but when I found it hard to get good digital captures of 8mm I found the answer to be 16 mm.   The cameras are not expensive and they seem much more robust and industrial compared to finicky, consumer grade super 8 cameras that were not made to work after 10 years.   In this blog I plan to further explore 16mm and pass on what little I have learned for other folks interested.  I am a confessed cheap skate so expect to find here inexpensive ways to play with analog film.


Posted July 3, 2011 by 16mmadventures

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  1. Awesome blog spot. I’m like minded and putting together a JK optical printer recently given to me. I’d really like to hear more about your step motor telecine projector set upi. Can you provide some more detail?


    • I’m looking for a used JK optical printer and hoping that perhaps someone magical is in the same boat but on the opposite side. Let me know if you have one for sale or know someone who does. THANKS!

  2. Nice blog on 16mm film. I too would like to hear about your telecine projector. I have a couple of Kodak Analyst projectors and think they would be excellent conversion candidates for telecine so would be interested in how you setup your machine.

  3. Several other art students and I have become highly interested in your 16mm processing technique. We want to ask you a few questions but notice that you have not updated in over a year? please respond to this if you would through my email ( nsilvestris1@gmail.com ) so that maybe you can help us clear a few things up before deciding to invest. Your time is much appreciated, thank you!!

  4. Lovely resource here, I hope you have more to share in the future!

  5. I freaked when I saw you doing this. Have been to your shop. I have questions about a filmo camera I want to use for reenacting, maybe you can point me in a good direction.

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