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Recently Jason in South Wales was asking for advice about developing KODAK WL Surveillance Film 2210.

Here is what he has tried:

I have made a few tests with Ilfosol3 I have attached a small screen shot of a scan. I loaded 6ft into a small spiral inversion tank, 2.5ml of Ilfosol3 and 160mm of water, 20 degrees, pre soak around 2minutes, 6mins developing, fix 5 minutes or so, wash 30 mins. but the problem was that only 1ft out of the 6ft developed the rest of the negative was very faint and couldn’t be scanned.

jase-16mm example1Well, it looks like he is off to a good start at least with the one foot that came out.   I am guessing the stuff that came out too faint was just not fully submerged in developer.   I am waiting to hear how it turns out.


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This film test was shot with an ancient Filmo 70A that I picked up from ebay.  The camera did not work well and when I opened up the shutter to lubricated it a bit I found a date scratched into the inside of the front plate that dated it to 1924.    The setting is our front yard with my then 5 year old daughter on a trampoline.  Kids can be such great subjects.  This was cut from just one 100′ reel of film with very little editing.    I believe this is the Kodak 7240 film again.

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I bought a batch of ancient ENG film and I did some experimental shooting with it.  This film was process as black and white reversal and I digitized it by running it through an old B&H projector and shooting the image with a Canon camcorder I had at the time.

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