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I got interested in 16mm film after doing lots of digital videography and then wanting to experiment with a film look.  Well what better way of getting a film look than doing it with real film.  I have some experience with black and white photography and dark room work.  At first came 8mm, but when I found it hard to get good digital captures of 8mm I found the answer to be 16 mm.   The cameras are not expensive and they seem much more robust and industrial compared to finicky, consumer grade super 8 cameras that were not made to work after 10 years.   In this blog I plan to further explore 16mm and pass on what little I have learned for other folks interested.  I am a confessed cheap skate so expect to find here inexpensive ways to play with analog film.


Posted December 24, 2012 by 16mmadventures in Philosophy

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