Hand Processing Movie Film   2 comments

I love the idea of hand processing and I like the look.    In an upcoming post I will describe my hand process method in detail.   Here are some links I used to get started.

Some of these links were so old that they were dead but fortunately archive.or to the rescue!







Posted January 11, 2013 by 16mmadventures in Processing

2 responses to “Hand Processing Movie Film

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  1. Man, I am so glad to I have found you on Ebay, I’m a noobie and have a Bell & Howell 240EE , The auto focus doesn’t work but I don’t need it or want it. I was lucky t find the wide angle & tele-photo attachments to go with it. It’s just like a undated filmo model in a way, it’s a workhorse. All the filmo I’ve seen are way over priced or don’t have the lenses. My biggest barrier to start shooting film has been the price, it’s really cool you’re sharing your knowledege & resourcing the film for people like me. Now I want to learn how to make a big ole dark tank like yours. Thomas

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