Why – The Contrarian in Me   2 comments

Why 16mm – Why now, sometimes I ask myself.  Because,

  • it is not digital
  • analog film will probably not be with us for that much longer
  • it looks cool

Mostly because the minute that something is being abandoned by everyone, I all of a sudden get interested.

What do you think?


Posted December 25, 2012 by 16mmadventures in Philosophy

2 responses to “Why – The Contrarian in Me

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  1. As one contrarian to another, thank you for sharing your process with those of looking to get into this vanishing world while staying on a budget. The question, depressing as it is, can’t help but occur to me: what happens when the manufacture of film stock ceases entirely? If you can process and develop film at home, would it ever be possible to create film? A pipe dream assume, but I feel a sort of desperation when I think this medium could vanish in my lifetime.

    • Yes, That is one of the reasons I concentrate on film like 7243/44 so I can buy enough to have for years in the future. It feels like it will disappear in the near future, but there maybe boutique manufacturers that pop up and fill the gap. Heres to hoping…

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