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So what happens when you are a nut and you want to use 16mm in your next project but everyone else says no.   Well you do it anyway and try to figure out how to shoe horn it into the project without looking too stupid.   At work we were working on a zombie video and I really wanted to use some 16mm.   I finally found the spot, the credit reel.  We shot a quick piece that I just slammed together.  I pieced it together and it was pretty cool, but I wanted more.  I scrapped everything and started again taking a few of the ideas along.  We shot it in during our lunch hour.   With a little more time, I think it could have been better, but with small effort put forth I believe it came out as good as it needed to be.  It was shot with my Bolex H16 reflex on Kodak 7243 hand processed.  I not sure if the  time stamp feature is working on this link, so if you want to go straight to the credits – go to 14:48    Tell me what you think…

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2 responses to “Zombie Credits

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  1. Very good. I bet that took some editing. Just one thing was missing……..a time machine!

    The Field Recordist
  2. Looks really nice!

    Herman Klabatski

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